Avoid Snow Glare With Polarized Sunglasses


When you go out in the winter, in addition to wearing your warm clothes you should also put on a pair of polarized sunglasses. Snow glare is responsible for a lot of accidents, because glare distorts the true color of objects and makes them harder to distinguish. Polarized sunglasses are specially designed to reduce glare from surfaces such as water, snow, and glass.

If you don’t own any polarized sunglasses, Advanced Family Eyecare Center in Sycamore can give you an amazing deal on a pair.

Optician, Rebecca Edwards (pictured right), is wearing John Varvatos round frames with fashion bar. The lenses are Camber with backside anti-reflective coating and a very cool pink mirror with a gray base.

The lenses were made in the Acculab, which is located directly behind the Advanced Family Eyecare Center showroom and examination rooms. Their lab is one of the Midwest’s premiere manufacturing facilities; they create eye wear for providers all across the area.

About Advanced Family Eyecare Center

They are a locally-owned and operated full service optical. They make glasses onsite!

Optometrist: Dr. Kevin Harte
Opticians: Lisa and Chris Brundies and Rebecca Edwards

Located in the business park behind the Dekalb County Farm Bureau.

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