Five Alderman Candidates Discuss Ideas For Improving DeKalb


On Tuesday, February 26, 2019, five of the six candidates running for DeKalb City Council in this April’s Consolidated Election discussed issues related to their wards and the City of DeKalb as a whole.

Carolyn Morris (Ward 1), Steve Kapitan (Ward 3), Tracy Smith (Ward 3), Scott McAdams (Ward 5), and Anthony Faivre (Ward 7) all spoke at “Meet the Candidates,” hosted by DeKalb County Online at the Red Roof Inn Dekalb.

Kate Noreiko (Ward 5) was not able to attend because of a canceled flight, but sent a statement that was read by moderator, Michael Embrey.

Each candidate was given three minutes to introduce themselves and then answered questions from the moderator and the audience members. Audience members in attendance included current Ward 1 Alderman David Jacobson, who is not seeking re-election, and former DeKalb Mayor, Bessie Chronopoulos.

Below are videos from the event.

Carolyn Morris (Ward 1) introduces herself:

Carolyn Morris discusses Schools, Economic Development, NIU & More:

Steve Kapitan (Ward 3) Introduces himself:

Tracy Smith (Ward 3) Introduces himself:

Steve Kapitan and Tracy Smith discuss Ward 3 and City issues

Kapitan and Smith answer questions, followed by Scott McAdams’ Introduction:

Scott McAdams discusses 5th Ward Issues:

Anthony Faivre Introduces himself:

Anthony Faivre & Other Candidates Discuss Ways to Improve DeKalb and Make Final Comments:

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