Mobile Home Tax Bills Mailed Out


Christine J. Johnson, DeKalb County Treasurer, has mailed out the 2019 mobile home tax bills. This year’s bill is being mailed in a letter-size envelope. The enclosed bill is a light orchid color. Mobile home taxpayers only receive one bill per year with one detachable payment stub.

Mobile home tax bills were mailed on February 4, 2019. There are more than 900 mobile homes in DeKalb County, with the majority of them located in mobile home parks in DeKalb, Cortland, Genoa, Sandwich, Sycamore, and Waterman. Mobile Home Local Service Tax is only billed to owners and/or occupants of mobile homes. Johnson said, “We are pleased to be using the recently-improved billing system so that we can make our office more efficient and, more importantly, improve our ability to serve taxpayers.”

“The bills are easy for taxpayers to read. The calculation of their bill is clearly stated. The bill also includes a listing of the taxing bodies to which that person’s taxes will be distributed,” said Johnson.

Mobile home owners should be aware that mobile home taxes must be paid prior to a mobile home being moved, or to transfer the title of a mobile home to a new owner.

Mobile home taxpayers are reminded of the law that makes the delinquent penalty $25.00 per month. This law also provides that the names of those taxpayers that remain delinquent be published in the newspaper, and that those with any current or back taxes that are delinquent be sold at the annual tax sale.

Mobile home bills are due on Tuesday, April 30, 2019. Payments may be made by mail, or in person at the DeKalb County Treasurer’s Office at 110 East Sycamore Street, Sycamore, Illinois. Taxpayers paying by mail should detach the bottom portion of the bill and return it with the payment. Taxpayers paying in person should bring the entire bill with them to the office.

Anyone with questions regarding their mobile home tax bill should call Treasurer Johnson’s office at (815) 895-7112.

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