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Tracy Smith

My name is Tracy Smith and I am running for the 3rd Ward City of DeKalb Council seat. I have lived and been a resident of the DeKalb 3rd Ward for over 50 years, and have lived within the same two (2) blocks during this time. I am one of six siblings (and their families) who have called DeKalb our hometown and many of my family still live in DeKalb, including my Mother and Father who have lived still in the 3rd Ward for 55 years.

I have been involved in law enforcement for over 36 years, 5 years with the DeKalb County Sheriff Department and 31 years with the City of Dekalb Police Department, where I retired in 2016 at the rank of Commander. I am currently Operations Manager of the Voluntary Action Center assisting with the Trans VAC/Med VAC department.

I graduated from DeKalb High School and am married to a very special lady, Karen Wayman Smith (daughter of the Wayman Ace Hardware family). We raised our children in DeKalb and all graduated from DeKalb High School.

WHY am I Running for 3rd Ward City Council?

  • I want to see DeKalb become that wonderful and special community that my family grew up in.
  • My law enforcement background taught me to listen to all sides, and make an informed decision.
  • I promise to listen to not only my ward residents, but all the people in the City of DeKalb and be concerned for their issues.
  • There will be Teamwork to solve problems, including a variety of talented people living in DeKalb who care as I do.
  • We can learn from the past but need to understand problems cannot be solved overnight, but with a more solid vision many problems and concerns can be addressed for the future.
  • Instead of complaining about issues, I want to come up with solutions.

Community Concerns

  • It is important to both encourage and spur new Economic Development for any type of controlled growth to the City.
  • I would like to explore expanding transit in 14th Street and Pleasant St. neighborhoods in my Ward.
  • We have made a large investment in our Airport and need to market the Airport for the future.
  • Roads into and through our City are hallmarks for the future and we need to address the conditions of these thoroughfares and roads.
  • We need to increase knowledge and growth of TIF to make sure agreement between all government bodies is reported and executed to the agreement.
  • Make Public Safety a primary goal for all citizens. (People Have to Feel and Be Safe.)
  • Work with the various agencies that serve our senior Citizens (example: local Transit and Meals on Wheels)
  • It is important to support all of our local veterans as they play an important role in the great citizenship of our community.
  • Work with NIU to increase enrollment, which has declined since 2008 from 24,397 to 14,450 in 2019 (this decline affects Sales Tax Revenue).

Meet the Candidate
Please join me at a Meet the Candidate social event on Tuesday, March 26 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. This is my chance to meet you personally and share my vision for a better DeKalb. The event will be held at 700 North Peace Road, Suite ‘B,’ DeKalb, Illinois. The meeting site is part of the Aspen Ridge Complex at the corners of Peace Road and Pleasant Street.

I may be new to public office, but not to public service.

We can dream of the past and long for a better life, but without taking action as a citizen we cannot change our future.

Please Vote April 2nd.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” 
― Søren Kierkegaard

NOTICE:  This is a Paid Political promotion.


  1. I do have a concern about Tracy, when it comes to union negotiations, especially with the police department, will Tracy be able to be totally impartial? Having served with the police department for many years, I am concerned that labor negotiations, could be affected to the detriment of the taxpayer. Giving in to labor could end up costing the taxpayers. (Note: non paid commentary)

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