DARA Quarterly Meeting – Spring 2019


The DeKalb Area Rental Association (DARA) held its spring quarterly meeting on Monday, April 15 at Fatty’s in DeKalb, Illinois.

The event included a business meeting, discussion of local and state rule changes and legislative updates from the county and state.

The guest speaker was Mr. Bill Nicklas, City Manager of DeKalb. Mr. Nicklas discussed current financial trends on the local level and how to address the drain of pension funds from local taxes. Nicklas also spoke on changes in some of the local building inspections and the continued strain on city services from select rental property groups (without mentioning Hunter Properties.) In addition, he talked about saving the City $1.1 million by the elimination of select salaried staff positions. 

One question for Mr. Nicklas from local businessman Jeff Richardson was how DeKalb pension rates compare to other cities with similar-sized departments.

Jim Mason, local businessman and owner of major rental apartment complexes, addressed the issue of non-resident students attending schools in the area, creating a financial burden on the school district and over populated classrooms. (Over populated classrooms are a concern of many teachers.) Mason also asked if some services from the city could be privatized to save money.

Local special events specialist, Michael Embrey, talked about the positive impact of having special events in the community, and how renters continue to seek local affordable things to do within the city of DeKalb.

Finally, there was a presentation from Chris Peshek, the energy advisor for ComEd and Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Multifamily Program. All of the services are free, as are the products and the the installation of those products. Properties can participate in the program every three years. Below is the contact information, additional program information and hyperlinks to the ComEd website and the single family/duplex program.

For more information please contact Chris Peshek, Energy Advisor, by calling to schedule a visit at (312) 878-0038, Extension 2653.

For general Info: https://www.comed.com/WaysToSave/ForYourHome/Pages/MultiFamily.aspx



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