Cooling Centers in Sycamore



The City of Sycamore announced that the two city facilities serve as area “cooling centers” for those without air conditioning. It appears that the daily high temperatures this week will be in the low 90’s with the expected humidity to average about 75% and local residents are reminded to take extra precautions during this period of high heat/humidity predictions. 

Individuals whose homes are not air-conditioned are reminded the following facilities serve as area “cooling centers:

During Business hours

Sycamore Center (308 West State Street)

Monday-Friday 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

After Business hours – Seven Days a Week

Sycamore Public Safety Building at 535 DeKalb Avenue.

(Police Department end of the Public Safety Building)

ALL residents are encouraged to check on elderly neighbors and family members to ensure they are safe and as comfortable as possible. Police, Fire and EMS (Emergency Medical Services) should be contacted immediately at 911 if anyone needs urgent medical treatment.

Those not in need of immediate medical treatment, but still seeking a temporary respite from the heat should go to one of the above cooling centers or call DeKalb County Communications Center at 815.895.2123 for further information.

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