DeKalb Police Department – Community Alert


The DeKalb Police Department has received a report of a person impersonating a City of DeKalb worker in order to gain entry to someone’s property. While this person distracted the resident, another person stole property from the home. The suspect, in this case, is described as a possibly Hispanic or dark-skinned male about 6’00” and 150 pounds with a facial tattoo. He also presented a false identification card identifying himself as a city employee. This case is under investigation by the DeKalb Police Department.

All City of DeKalb personnel drive vehicles marked with the City’s logo and carry proper identification. The Public Works division also typically works Monday – Friday from about 8am – 4 pm unless there is an emergency. If there is any question about a person’s intent or behavior, residents should call the DeKalb Police Department at (815) 748-8400 to verify that someone is a city employee prior to allowing them onto their property.

Anyone with information regarding this incident or who observes any suspicious activity is encouraged to report it to the DeKalb Police Department at (815) 748-8400 or dial 911 in the event of an emergency.

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