Sandwich Fair Theatre Performances by IVT


Indian Valley Theatre is preparing for the 132nd annual Sandwich Fair, with its classic and comedic Melodrama performances. This year, audiences at the Sandwich Fair will be treated to TWO classic melodramas chocked full of puns and jokes galore. “The Perils of Priscilla or…The Schoolmarm’s Dilemma” will be directed by Michele Wade and “Never Fear Strongheart’s Here” will be directed by Connie Cline. These fabulous Melodramas will be performed at the Indian Valley Theatre Tent inside the Sandwich Fair which runs Wednesday, Sept. 4th through Sunday, Sept. 8th. Watch for further notice on showtimes.

Pictured are members of the IVT Melodramas casts rehearsing.

The first Melodrama being presented is called “The Perils of Priscilla or…The Schoolmarm’s Dilemma”. Cast will be Kyle Carr as Smedley Smidgin, the dastardly villain in charge of the school board; Erik Arns as the hero Harlow Starbucks; Linda Johnson (from Somonauk) will portray the long time school teacher Miss Tyler; Christine Roe (from Yorkville) will be the new teacher in town; and Greg Peterson, Brittany Watne and Caitlin Carlson will appear as the school children Freckles, Jenny and Becky.

The second Melodrama production is Never Fear Strongheart’s Here” where Simon Squinch (Kyle Carr of Sandwich), the evilest man in the world, and his henchman Sheriff Bushwhack (Gregory Peterson of Earlville) plot to evict the Drudge Sisters: Tess (Brittany Watne of Hinckley and Mary (Caitlin Carlson of Sandwich) from their home. If they lose their house, they’ll no longer be able to run their laundry business and will be forced to work in Squinch’s sawdust factory. Will the hero, Jim Strongheart (Erik Arns of Sandwich) foil the plot and save the sisters from the evil Squinch?

Make these exciting Melodramas part of your Fair Going this year. Come on down to the Indian Valley Theatre Tent on the East Side of the Fairgrounds, inside the Sandwich Fair, the week of Sept. 4 – 8, 2019. Tickets are only $3.00 per show. This year IVT introduces the New Family Pass for $10.00. Either of these ticket options can be purchased at the IVT Melodrama Tent along with popcorn to eat or throw at the Villains, as well as, other snacks and drinks.

For questions or more information about the IVT Sandwich Fair Melodramas or Indian Valley Theatre, please e-mail or contact IVT at 888-365-8889. Check us out on Facebook or online @! Indian Valley Theatre is an Illinois Not-for-Profit organization dedicated to the appreciation and development of the performing arts in the Fox Valley area.

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