Lincoln Tower Apartment – Can’t Reach the Top Floor


The Lincoln Tower Apartment complex, located at 1100 W Lincoln Highway in DeKalb (IL), has had its elevators closed for repairs off and on for the past six weeks. Lincoln Tower is under the management team of Hunter Properties.

From mid-July to mid-August the elevators have been under the review of the Illinois State Fire Marshal. At times one or both elevators have been closed down for repairs. The Illinois State Fire Marshal has visited Lincoln Tower severa times over the past few weeks.

One tenant, who asked to remain anonymous, claims the elevators have not been working properly for months. The healthier tenants preferred to take the stairs in fear of the elevators breaking down. This does create a problem for those that move in and out of the building or trying to carry heavy items up and down.

The building has also been issued several building code violations from the City of DeKalb. According to the City of DeKalb staff, some of the code violations have been addressed, others have not. 

Comments from past tenants support the code problems at Lincoln Tower in Dekalb. Reviews from ‘Yelp’ and do not shed positive living conditions at this location.  Some of the Lincoln Tower tenants have attended the various DeKalb tenant’s meetings expressing similar concerns.

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