VietNow Seeks New Organization for Flag Ownership



Fri, Nov 08, 3:30 pm, DeKalb County Courthouse 24 Hour Vigil Opening Ceremony.

Fri, Nov 08, 4:00 pm, DeKalb County Courthouse 24 Hour Vigil, Contact Dwain Adkins at 815-895-6927 (From Friday 4:00 pm to Saturday 4:00 pm)

Contact Dwain Adkins (815-895-6927) for information on when he plans to put the flags up before veterans day weekend.  (Usually at least four or three days before the event, depending on weather predictions)

Currently, Dwain Adkins, 815-895-6927, is the caretaker of the DeKalb County Courthouse Avenue of Flags.  The flags are owned by the DeKalb County Chapter of VietNow.  VietNow is seeking an organization to take ownership of the flags and continue to display them in the future.

Any organization interested should contact any member of VietNow or Frank Beierlotzer at or 815-758-5788 for more information.


Frank F. Beierlotzer, 40&8 Public Relations Officer, 815-901-3834

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