DeKalb City Clerk Issue Concerning


After an arousing version of the “Star-Spangled Banner” by the Northern Illinois University Marching Band, the DeKalb City Council and local citizens continued the debate regarding the services of the DeKalb City Clerk.

Letters were read from Kay Shelton and JJ Wett to both support the clerk’s role and to end the negative conversations.  Shelton wrote about which party (Clerk or City Manager) having too much power. Wett wrote that the office needs a better system for ‘checks and balances’.

Dupage County businessman Jerry Krusinki, CEO of Krusinki Construction Company, spoke on how the negative media from DeKalb sends the wrong message to future business interests.  Krusinki Construction has been looking to expand in the DeKalb area and has clients interest in investing money in the region.  Mr. Krusinki eluded that this negative tabloid sensualism may scare future companies away from an area so divided.  The projects Krusinki Construction could bring to DeKalb would mean millions in tax revenue and 200 to 300 new jobs.

Council members passed a revised ordinance 5-2 on first reading only, with 1st Ward Council member Carolyn Morris and 5th Ward Council member Scott McAdams voting no and 3rd Ward council member Tracy Smith absent. The vote did not pass the second reading since it requires a supermajority vote of 6 approvals, so it will go for a final vote the first council meeting in October.  At the October meeting, 4th Ward Council member Pat Fagan will no longer be on the Council as he announced his last day in his elected position will be September 26.

The new ordinance would eliminate the Deputy Clerk position and the duties would instead be designated to whomever fulfills the role of executive assistant to the City Manager, which is currently Ruth Scott. The clerk would remain a part-time elected role and would designate the City Seal, used to approve documents, to both the clerk and the executive assistant, who would be allowed to use it in the clerk’s absence.

Several other people spoke on the merits of the Clerk’s position and needing to finalize this situation.

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