DeKalb City Clerk Saga Continues


The DeKalb City Clerk saga continues as the City Manager Bill Nicklas has prepared a different scenario for the council to consider. The newest proposal would eliminate the deputy clerk position, while some of the duties would still fall under the responsibility of his executive assistant.

With the new proposal, the current clerk position would remain elected, would designate time to affix the official city seal (which is used to approve documents). This work would include both the clerk and the executive assistant, who would be allowed to use it in the clerk’s absence. The city clerk would also remain a part-time position. Fazekas has stated the only way she would prefer a deputy to use the seal would be if she had full authority over that person/position. 

The City Manager Bill Nicklas is still supporting the role of Deputy being an appointed person with the current administrative assistant Ruth Scott being the logical candidate. If the City Clerk appoints the Deputy then that office will have two people with the same ideologies and interests.

City Clerk Lynn Fazekas is currently in her office about 10 hours a week (with current time posted). Fazekas has stated she is limited by the part-time nature of the post based on salary allotted but has since amended her office hours to be there for 10 hours a week, with one hour each on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On a local radio station interview, Lynn Fazekas stated that the ‘City Clerk’ job does not have to be full time and if so would require the clerk to perform additional duties to justify the salary and hours.

The issue of City Clerk versus City Manager, versus City Mayor, versus City Council members has been in the news for the past six weeks. At the last council meeting, 1st Ward council member Carolyn Morris stated she has been trying to be the go-between for all parties with hopes to resolve the matter.

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