Weekend Warrior – Things to Do in DeKalb County


Looking for a fun family day out? DeKalb County has two events to enjoy with the family this weekend.

Music & Fireworks: On Saturday, September 7 the Sycamore Park District host Fun and Fireworks Fest. The event features live music featuring Mike Zabrin’s Funktastic Band at 6:30 and a grand fireworks display to conclude the evening!  It’s a day to play, sing, dance and enjoy the sparkles in the skies. Food and beverages are available to purchase. Do not forget to bring a lawn chair or blanket. This event will be held at the Sycamore Park District Sports Complex, located off Airport Road just east of Sycamore. Come early and bring a friend.

Earlier in the day, a special “Junk in your Trunk” sale will be held at the main Park District building starting at 8:00 AM. Both events are All Ages and FREE. Location: South of ILL Rt, 64 on Airport Road, Sycamore, IL

Kites in the Skies: On Sunday, September 8, you get a chance to go fly a kite. DeKalb Kite Festival is a full day of family fun. Kids of all ages will enjoy seeing the giant inflatable kites, dancing kites, and stunt kites high up in the sky. This festival attracts kite enthusiasts from all over the country. Come see what it is all about! You can bring your own kite or make one there. Perfect day for youngsters of all ages!

Food and beverages will be available for purchase from local vendors. Kites will also be for sale. Manja (manjha) string or any other type of glass covered string is prohibited. There are professionals that can advise you on the best technique to fly your kite. The Kite Fest is 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM on the north 40 of Northern Illinois Universit, DeKalb, Illinois. Location: Corner of Lucinda and Kishwaukee Drive, DeKalb, IL.

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