2019 RWYB

2019 Sycamore Speedway Saturday Results
Date: 6-Oct-19  
Caged Cars–RWYB–Big Track
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 7 Lil John Provenzano 14.046
Heat 1: 21B Rich Bell
Heat 2: 65 Dave Englekins
Heat 3: 47 Corey Kuntzelman
Heat 4: 2J Dave Reser
Heat 5: 66 Austin Lipe
Feature C:
1st: 66 Austin Lipe
2nd: 23jv Joe Quirk
3rd: 57H Joel Hernandez
4th: 23s Scott Ellis
5th: 2 Tyler McNally
6th: 86it Alex Adams
7th: 23 Jeff Williams
8th: 49 Dale Carraher
9th: 29s Scott Quarnstrom
Feature B:
1st: 44W David Webster Transferred to Main
2nd: 47 Corey Kuntzelman
3rd: 57H Brandon Hamburg
4th: 7 Jeff Schoff
5th: 42 Peter Argianas
6th: 48R Eric Newhouse
7th: 44D Dustin Wilkinson
8th: 96 Michael Brancecum
9th: 50D John Dietrich
10th: 96c Brad Swanson
Feature A:
1st: 22B Jonathan Brauns
2nd: 21B Rich Bell
3rd: 15 Jay Brendle
4th: O1jr Greg Cantrell Jr
5th: 7P Lil John Provenzano
6th: 615 Matt Fab
7th: 13 Jeff Kerley
8th: O3 Dan White
9th: 818 Matt Hammond
10th: 23 Danny Deutsch
Non-Caged Small Track
# Name Town Time
Heat 1: 38 Anthony Kasper
Heat 2: 83c Thomas Andrus
Heat 3: 55x Mike Lofgren
Heat 4: 24 Jeff Hooker
Feature E:
1st: 13x Megan Decker
2nd: 18x Steve Dover
3rd: 38x
4th: 33L Lisa Begelbrugge
5th: 21t Corey Marshall
6th: 15 Tom Harrolle
7th: 18 Genna Kowalski
8th: 23x George Konn
9th: 72 Mitch Moag
10th: 43 Jake Johnson
Feature D:
1st: 24 Jeff Hooker
2nd: 11x Mike Cunz
3rd: 22c Chris Vanlue
4th: 34c Jimmy Hartman
5th: 45 Shaun Hoffstrom
6th: 83 Mike Kasper
7th: 81c David Cavin
8th: 123x Hugh Jass
9th: 55x Mike Lofgren
10th: 54x Cory McKay
Specialty Races
# Name Town
Figure 8: Compact
1st: 172 Chris Ricker
2nd: 72 Mitch Moag
3rd: n/a
Demo Compact
1st: 92 Eddie Brown
2nd: 72x Brandon Ricker
3rd: 47t Dominick Smetters
Figure 8: Spectator
1st: 53t Matt Schuch
2nd: 13x Carlos Garcia
3rd: 2 Anthony Hansford
Demo Spectator
1st: 23x George Konn
2nd: 21k Paige Ricker
3rd: 15 Tom Harrolle
Figure 8: Socker Stocker
1st: 83c Thomas Andrus
2nd: 45 Shaun Hoffstrom
3rd: O5 Jerid Neal
Demo Socker Stocker
1st: 45 Shaun Hoffstrom
2nd: 92 Eddie Brown
3rd: 46 Cole Casas
Demo Mini Van
1st: 87 Chris Redden
2nd: 922  Eddie Brown Jr
3rd: 92 Eddie Brown
Demo Fair
1st: 79 510 purple
2nd: yellow
3rd: 510

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