Benefits of grooming your dog in the fall


The weather is changing, and it’s
the perfect time to get your dog groomed! Check out these benefits to getting
your dog groomed once autumn begins. Call 815-899-3435 to book a grooming
appointment at Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor TODAY!

Changing coats

Have you noticed the fall shed? Is
there a lot of extra dog hair around your house? In the fall, many dogs shed
their lighter summer coat in order to reveal a thicker, warmer coat. During a
grooming appointment, we provide all dogs with two washes, a blow dry, and
thorough brush-out in order to remove excess hair and leave your dog’s coat
clean and beautiful.

Checking for fleas
and ticks

Regular visits to a groomer ensure
that there is always someone checking on your dog’s skin condition, and this
includes checking for fleas and ticks. As always, make sure your dog is
protected with a flea and tick preventative year-round.

Soothe fall

Dogs can experience allergies the
same way we do – itchiness, sneezing, runny eyes and more. Has your dog been
chewing and scratching their skin? We have shampoos and conditioners that can
help soothe the skin, and a good bath and brush-out will help by removing dead
skin and excess hair.

Also included with

Nail trimming and ear cleaning are
included with each groom. Having your dog’s nails trimmed before the harsh
winter months will help prevent them from becoming dry and brittle. Ear
cleanings remove wax and debris that can be caused by fall allergies. During
the fall season, Huckleberry’s offers seasonal colognes such as mulled cider
and pumpkin pie, and every groom is followed up with a free, festive bandana!

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