Countries Where You Can’t Flush


For international travelers it is best to ‘know before you go’!  In certain countries there is a charge to use public washrooms. There are countries that charge for toilet paper. In some public washrooms in Europe, there are no privacy barriers and everyone is exposed to do their duties.

There are some countries that do not allow people to flush toilet paper. For travelers used to flushing their toilet paper, this may be an incredibly difficult adjustment. In some countries, some plumbing is not equipped to handle toilet paper going down the drain. There are many countries where this is the case, including Greece, Turkey, Morocco, and Egypt. Instead, restrooms in these places will offer a special waste receptacle next to the toilet where you can dispose of your toilet paper. If you decide to be a rebel and flush instead, beware — you will most likely cause blockages that will create a huge inconvenience to your hosts. You may have a ‘back-up charge’.

Speaking of toilet paper, if you’re traveling through China or Korea, you shouldn’t assume toilet paper will always be provided. It is customary to carry a small amount of toilet paper around with you just in case — after all, it never hurts to be prepared. This is also the case in some European countries. It is not that it is unavailable, but there is a charge.

Restrooms are also becoming high tech. In some locations in China, there is a machine that will dispense toilet paper with facial recognition only.

In some locations in Mexico, there is a washroom attendant that charges for toilet paper. Having a washroom assistant is not uncommon in major world-class cities that are tourist destinations. Many upscale hotels and restaurants have a Restroom Courtesy Valet.

Check with your international travel provider for information on your next destination. It is always recommended to have coins in the local currency for fee-based washrooms. Carrying that small packet of tissue paper is also recommended. Please note that many international destinations that have upscale or major brand name hotels have an American style washroom. 

Don’t let restroom concerns keep you from traveling. If you have a dream vacation Bucket List destination in mind, please contact international travel concierge Michael Embrey with FunME Events Excursions. E-mail: or call 815-756-1263.

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