Lincoln Towers Continues to Have Problems


Lincoln Towers Apartments in DeKalb continues to have problems. This past weekend one of the elevators stopped working, a continuation of problems from last August when the State Fire Marshall spent two weeks at the location dealing with elevators and their working ability.

This past Wednesday a warrant was issued for a residence that allegedly had child porn. Upon investigation, a substance was found that emulated explosive materials. A search of the person’s storage area provided additional materials that were removed and disposed of in another area.

Last month an arrest was made of a person with the intent to sell drugs to patrons of Lincoln Towers. The person involved tried to escape and was held by DeKalb Police and DeKalb Sheriff officers. The person of interest and associate played to the media via social media of aggressive police brutality.

Since September 1, there have been 12 visits by DeKalb Police to Lincoln Towers dealing with a variety of issues. These visits do not include minor issues or traffic issues by the DeKalb County Sheriff.

The Lincoln Towers at 1100 West Lincoln Highway in DeKalb are under the management of Hunter Properties, LLC.

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