Medical Marijuana in DeKalb


The DeKalb Planning and Zoning Commission approved a location plan for a potential Medical Marijuana dispensary in the City of DeKalb on Wednesday evening. The location was approved and is now waiting for final approval from the State of Illinois to approve the license. 

This request came from BQ Enterprises, Inc (an Illinois corporation) as an amendment to the original plans approved 18 months ago by the DeKalb Planning and Zoning Commission. BQ Enterprises has operations in several other states and this will be the first and only one in DeKalb County. The State of Illinois has approved Medical Marijuana last year but does have a limitation on the number of such locations.

There were concerns from the owners of DeKalb Forge that the location of the future Medical Marijuana dispensary was too close to their manufacturing plant. According to DeKalb City Planner Dan Olson, there are no state rules regarding location and proximity to other businesses, but there are regulations to closeness to schools, daycare centers, and residential areas.

The co-owners of BQ Enterprises also described the type of security and protection of the property as required by State and Federal laws. BQ Enterprises has scheduled a meeting with DeKalb Police to review future plans when the development is approved by City Council. 

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