Cortland Elementary School Teachers Flip Burgers Instead of Pages!


DeKalb | Cortland Elementary School students gave their teachers an A-plus on their fundraising efforts to support local education and funds for general activities fund to offset costs for participation prizes and student incentives. 

Teachers, Assistant Principal and Principal Hilliard from Cortland Elementary School volunteered on Tuesday, December 10th, at the DeKalb McDonald’s located at 545 E. Lincoln Highway, where they served students and their families in a fundraiser for their school. Principal Hilliard and GenessJuraska the school organizer had an absolute blast selling pies donated by the DeKalb McDonald’s to support the school.

Proceeds from the sale of 170 pies went directly to benefit the students for school events and field trips.

The DeKalb community has an amazing network of support for their schools, McDonald’s was busy the entire evening!  Inspired by the success of McTeacher’s Night, The Lardas organization has set their sights on partnering with other schools in the area.  

Cortland Elementary School McTeacher’s Night was courtesy of McDonald’s Owner/Operator, John Lardas and Yanni Management.

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