DeKalb Police Department Welcomes Newest Member


The DeKalb Police Department would like to introduce its newest member of the DeKalb Police Department. Kota, a Dutch Shepard, will report for duty approximately April 1. After an extensive interview process, Kota has been selected to fill the current vacant K9 position. He was selected from a field of 8 other candidates. Kota is a Dutch Shepard breed, a select animal for police and military work. Kota came over from the Netherlands, although he was born in Poland. 

Officer Nicholson and Kota will be departing for Decatur for an 8-week class starting January 27. The Pro-Canine Professional Dog Training Center in Decatur works with a variety of police and sheriff departments in specialized training. Most Police dogs generally live with their masters, so their partnership is continually forged. All police dogs must first become experts at basic obedience training. They must obey the commands of their handler without hesitation. This is what keeps the inherent aggression of the dog in check, and allows the officer to control how much force the dog is using against a suspect.

Police dog training covers many responsibilities and usually, each dog has a specialization like a drug and explosive searching, or just a patrol K9. These dogs all have the same drive and intelligence that put them ahead of the rest and this is due to the training and the bond with their handlers.

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