Minimalism Monday: Do We Need More Stuff?


What is Minimalism?  Minimalism is a lifestyle that brings about a greater understanding of our surroundings and what our personal lives contain. Minimalism is a lifestyle set for people who choose to become Minimalists in their need for less stuff. Minimalism promotes a better understanding of what we have versus what we need. People’s pursuit and collection of physical objects (big or small) have a profound effect on the way they live their lives.

Minimalism is a change in the way we live and the things we most value by removing everything that distracts us from enjoying life. There are several points of interest for people who want to become Minimalists.

• Why do we waste so much money on physical possessions?
• Why do we purchase multiple items that duplicate what we already have?
• Why do we have to have the biggest, best or newest item?

As we simplify our lives with less, there is emotional consideration on what and why we eliminate things in our possession. People ask themselves why it is so hard to discard items. The emotional attachments to many items make disregarding these items a mental challenge. The real value versus emotional value is the challenge.

Regardless of your stage in years, the age of Aquarius has new meaning. Millennials are not wanting to own or have long term items. Baby boomers are looking to downsize for a more simple lifestyle, all the time asking themselves, ‘why did I buy this?’. Make a list of your possessions and ask family members and friends, ‘do you want any of this stuff?’  You will not be surprised by the answer.

This concept requires people to review their lives and needs for possessions.

• Do we need to have the newest and biggest of any item? • Do we have to keep up with the Jones? • Do we need to have 5 plus pairs of jeans (how many do we really wear)? • Do we need a bigger TV to watch the Superbowl? • Do we need the latest and greatest electronic device?

There is a pecking order in becoming a Minimalist. There are those that accept the fact that their closets, garage, and basement are filled with items that aren’t really making them happy (Note: selling these items would make you happy). As this type of activity continues people go from having a lot of stuff to becoming a hoarder.

Minimalism will not automatically make a better person. It may not make you more successful. But it may take away some of the stress from your hectic life and may give you more free time to enjoy family and friends.

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