Transportation Thursday: Classic Cars and Speciality Vehicles


Volo Auto Museum offers a Senior discount on select days. Seniors 1/2 Thursdays will be available for the next few weeks. 

During your visit to the Volo Auto Museum, you will see more than cars. You discover thousands of Mechanical Marvels from the first motorcycle to a self-playing orchestra. Whether you are taking a stroll down memory lane or experiencing these vintage artifacts for the first time, the 33 exhibits will leave you in total awe. Visit over 300 of the best collector cars.

During the great depression, many people couldn’t afford to live in their homes.  Cars were being converted into House Cars allowing their owners to travel from city to city while looking for work.  There are two on exhibit that were built by Ford. When you enter the military exhibit, you’ll be placed right in the middle of a combat scene with our life-like displays including sound and light effects. There are many TV or Movie cars on display.

Volo Auto Museum – 27582 Volo Village Rd, Volo, Illinois 60073

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