Transportation Thursday: Harley-Davidson Premieres New Electric Motorcycle


With Harley-Davidson riders getting older, H-D felt it was time to embrace the future rider of its famed brand. Harley-Davidson will be introducing its new All-electric motorcycle. Like its future riders, it will be called ‘LiveWire’.

The LiveWire motorcycle features a high-voltage battery (or RESS; Rechargeable Energy Storage System) composed of lithium-ion cells surrounded by a finned, cast-aluminum housing. The high-voltage battery provides 146 miles (235 km) of the city range or 95 miles (152 km) of combined stop-and-go and highway range.

The  LiveWire has an updated look with a new signature headlight at the front, but the overall body embraces the battery on board, rather than work around it like the Live Wire.  It’s arguably a better-looking machine because of this. The sleek frame working with the battery feels almost distinctly un-Harley like. For a company working to attract a new customer base as its riders grow older, that’s probably a good thing.

LiveWire™ offers seven selectable Ride Modes that electronically control the performance characteristics of the motorcycle and the level of Reflex™ Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) intervention. Each Ride Mode consists of a specific combination of power, regeneration, throttle response, and traction control settings. LiveWire comes with four pre-programmed modes: sport, road, range, and rain, along with three ride modes the rider can customize.

This new bike is planned for a 2021-2022 delivery.  The LiveWire starts at an affordable $29,500 (plus additional options).   

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