Alleged Killer of the Sycamore Wilson Family Arrested


DeKalb Sheriff Department along with other DeKalb County Police agencies, DeKalb County Coroner Millier and State’s Attorney Rick Amato hosted a meeting at the DeKalb Farm Bureau to announce that the alleged killer of the Wilsons family from August 2016 has been apprehended in his current resident in Cincinnati. 

Johnathan D Hurst has been arrested and is awaiting extradition back to DeKalb County (Illinois) for the murder of the Wilsons.

Patricia A. Wilson, 85, and her son, Robert J. Wilson, 64, were found dead inside Mrs. Wilson’s Sycamore home on Aug. 14, 2016. Autopsies revealed both had suffered blunt force trauma.

The various Police Agencies had over 1,300 leads in the continued pursuit of finding the alleged killer of the Wilsons. Important to the arrest was that local police agencies had DNA samples of Jonathan D. Hurst.

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