Super Bowl Champion Mahomes Helps Veterans


What do you do when you win the Super Bowl and named MVP of the game, of course, you go to Disneyland. The 24-year-old quarterback Patrick Mahomes spearheaded the Chiefs’ come from behind win over the 49ers in Super Bowl 2020, 31-20. He was named MVP for the Super Bowl. Mahomes is the youngest player to be named The Associated Press NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP and wins a Super Bowl in his career. 

The biggest new star quarterback of the National Football League doesn’t get a lot of free time. Practicing, reviewing game films and strength training is as important as game time. This leaves little time for anything else, but this is not how Mahomes relaxes. It is understandable that this young football star might actually take some time to rest. But not Patrick Mahomes, he is a star both on and off the field.

In his free time, Patrick Mahomes helps build homes for veterans in his football hometown of Kansas City.  Mahomes and other volunteers spent free time (when available) on tiny homes built for veterans by the Veterans Community Project.  Mahomes works with volunteers to put the finishing touches on the interior of a small, transitional home designed for veterans. This organization is taking serious steps to improve the lives of America’s war heroes. Thanks to generous donations from community members and organizations, they continue to build a collection of small houses that homeless veterans that can live in for free until they get on their feet and afford their own home.

The Veterans Community Project is a non-profit that is building a specialized community network of tiny homes and services dedicated to supporting every man and woman who served — also known as Tiny Houses for Homeless Vets. The Veterans Community Project has built over 30 homes in the Kansas City area and plans to increase that number in the future. This effort has been noted by other communities that want to help homeless veterans. The Veteran, when given a home in the village, would essentially get to keep everything in the home. So, when they transition out of the village into their next home, they can take their fridge, bed, towels, etc., along with them.

For Mahomes, it is important to give back and be part of the Kansas City community. The two words you never want to hear together are ‘Homeless Veterans’. The veteran community salutes Patrick Mahomes as a real hero.

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