A Letter From Sycamore Mayor Curt Lang


To fellow Sycamore citizens and friends in DeKalb County:

The COVID-19 virus has certainly changed our lives. It seems our conversations, our shopping habits, our gatherings, and our thoughts are centered around safety and health precautions.

I am so proud of our communities! We have embraced the direction from leaders in the city, county, state, and national levels. Our citizens certainly are trying to be mindful of the needs of others in following the guidelines of handwashing, social distancing, isolation, and caring for seniors.

The rally call of “Sycamore Strong” that brought assistance to the victims of the St. Alben’s fire, will bring us together again as we face the threat of the COVID-19 virus. The “Sycamore Strong” will once again bring us together, to support community schools, Chamber members, businesses, neighborhoods, and senior citizens.

The City of Sycamore is concerned about each and every citizen. With the safety of employees in mind, our desire is to provide the services that we expect and are used to having. The city website has current information, phone numbers, and communication notices from the city, county, state, and national leaders. It would be advisable to check it often.

I would like to propose the “Kindness Initiative.” How great would it be if we offer everyone we see a smile and a kind word. We all feel the pressure of uncertainty. We all have experienced hard times in our lives, life is generally just not easy, but we have to move forward. We may not know all the answers for these hard times, but with the “Kindness Initiative,” we can encourage each other and perhaps bring a smile to someone.

The children’s song by Clara McMaster is simple but has a wonderful message for these times:

I want to be kind to everyone, For that is right you see, So I say to myself, “Remember this: … Kindness begins with me.”

As we experienced with the St. Albans fire, together we can make a difference. Encouraging each other with a smile, an encouraging thought, being nice, and caring will make a difference for ourselves and those around us. 

I know no one knows what will happen as this unfolds, but I do know that we are an exceptional community. Sycamore’s history has been a caring and giving one, I am very confident that once this is over, we will rally and rise to move forward with the great efforts that have made our history of, “Life Offering More in Sycamore.”

May God bless us each and every day,
Mayor Curt Lang, Sycamore, IL 03/20/2020

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