DeKalb Alderman Vehicle Towed then Released Without Payment


According to tow company records, on Wednesday evening (February 19) at approximately 11:40 PM, a gray Jeep was towed from an apartment complex (Mason Properties) to the storage facility at Tri-State Towing. According to the towing company, the Jeep was parked illegally. The Jeep is owned by DeKalb 5th Ward Alderman Scott McAdams.

At approximately 2:05 AM on February 20th Alderman McAdams, accompanied by a female companion, arrived at Tri-State Towing office on 1888 State Street to retrieve his vehicle. According to the tow staff on duty, McAdams informed the two overnight workers that he is a City Official and he wanted his vehicle back and that he was not going to pay the towing fee of $200.00. The question between McAdams and the towing company is whether the Jeep was parked illegally. 

According to one of the co-owners of Tri-State Towing (on duty that evening) that McAdams commented, there would be reviews of future towing agreements.  Brett Jackson, Vice President of Tri-State said the Jeep was released to McAdams without payment of any towing fees.

The following day the staff at Tri-State consulted with legal counsel then contacted the DeKalb Police Department. An investigation was started.  The DeKalb Police interviewed the staff at Tri-State and received a copy of the surveillance tape, according to Tri-State staff.

The City of DeKalb Municipal Code Chapter 35 – ‘Towing Policy’ was amended less than 10 days before towing McAdam’s Jeep.  The section 35-03 deals with the Inference with Lawful Towing Activities. The new ordinance states in part: “It shall be unlawful to interfere with any towing company engaged in lawful towing activities, within the City of DeKalb, or to engage in disorderly conduct or other unlawful behavior in an attempt to prevent the towing of a vehicle that is eligible for towing.” 

Local residents have asked DeKalb City officials to be more transparent. Residents have also asked all City Officials (elected and appointed) to be more responsible and respectful of their official actions, duties, and capacity. The City of DeKalb Code of Ethics Act prohibits a City official from misusing their official status for unlawful personal or professional gain. “City Officials and Employees Ethics Act – Chapter 8 – (Current as of 5-20-04).  

Scott McAdams was contacted but a return call was not received. DeKalb Police would not comment as this is an ongoing investigation.

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