DeKalb Park District Update: Areas to be Monitored


The DeKalb Park District has announced some changes to comply with local, state and federal mandates. To follow the recommended rules of less than 10 people, distance spacing, and to control groups that have used the park district area as a place to gather, some temporary changes will be made starting Friday, March 27.

Basketball nets will be removed or covered until the current requirements are amended. In some playgrounds, swings will be removed or reduced to comply with the number of people and spacing. These changes are temporary and all areas will be returned to original when sanctions have been lifted.

“The Park District common areas are still open to the public” commented Park District Director Amy Doll. Trails, bike paths, and walking areas will stay open as long as people observe ‘safe distancing’. “We want people to enjoy the parks and trails while keeping everyone safe.”

The City of Chicago has closed down many areas because people have taken advantage of the warm weather and are using certain areas as gathering places. On Wednesday hundreds of people were taking advantage of the warm weather and created concerns for the City and Chicago Police Department. Local team sports like basketball and soccer are not being allowed due to the concerns of spreading COVID-19.

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