School is Out – But Students Are Still Learning


With almost all US schools at all levels closed, there is still learning required by most school districts. Many schools provide students with a chrome book or other internet learning device, yet some schools are challenged by not having any teaching devices in place. Even with e-learning, once homework is done what can the students do to add additional learning. 

Working with one of our educational partners, we have organized a list of web sites that can help both students and parents in this learning process.

Free learn at home resources from Scholastic:

Lessons in science, social studies, English, math, arts & music, and health:

Live online classes are great for parents who can’t teach. has plenty to offer, from coding to guitar lessons:

This one is great for distance museum learning:

Online exhibits from over 500 cultural institutions:

Learn to Play a musical instrument:

Other resources:,,,,

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