The Future of Life After COVID-19 – 12 Projected Changes


How long the world’s coronavirus crisis will last is yet to be determined. But the changes Americans have made to address this issue will have a long term effect on the way everyone lives in the future.

Here is a list of 12 changes people can expect after the COVID-19 crisis is over:

1. Internet Purchasing will be more of the norm and for many brick and mortar stores the final destruction of the hometown small business merchants. With the current ban on local travel and shopping (distance), shoppers will make even more online purchasing.  Even big-box stores will rely more on internet purchasing and local deliveries. 

2. E-learning will become more popular at all levels of education. This stay at home method will save families thousands of dollars and provide students more distance learning options. More college students will be able to sign up for distance learning, challenging colleges and universities to expand their distance program offerings.

3. Saving for a rainy day will have a new meaning. This experience has shown families that savings need to be taken to a higher priority in having financial stability in the future. This means having ready cash (or savings) for emergencies.

4. Telemedicine will become more common. Telemedicine allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients at a distance using telecommunications technology. Congress passed a law that makes it easier for elderly patients on Medicare to be treated this way and for doctors to get paid. Telemedicine can be provided through computers or future apps on a cell phone.

5. Stocking-up and having a number of products that were once just there at the store. This current shortage will encourage people to have a generous supply of paper goods, cleaning supplies and non-perishable foods in their emergency supply area. (Not hoarding, just a 30 day supply.)

6. Telecommute – work from home.  Telecommuting, also called telework, teleworking, working from home (WFH), mobile work, remote work, and flexible workplace, is a work arrangement in which employees do not commute or travel to a central work location. This is a saving to the employer while mandating the completion of projects.

7. Germ-Fighting habits will take on a new meaning. More than hand-washing, people will realize more than ever to keep their surroundings as healthy as possible. The next shortage will be hand cream lotion.

8. Social Distancing habits may continue long after the major threat has passed. Group outings such as concerts, plays, and sporting events will take a while to bounce back, especially if there is some type of relapse. 

9. International travel will take a long time to return, especially in certain locations and by certain transportation. Cruising will take the biggest hit as the containment of COVID-19 used this as one of the major concerns via media. Cruising will be more affordable for those that want to pursue that style vacation. Some cruise lines are looking at converting cruise ships into traveling condominiums and owners will have a floating home. International travel will return by fall.

10. Domestic travel will explode as Americans will once again want to experience the grand beauty of their own country. As with the aftermath of 9/11, Americans may feel safer close to home. This effort might also revive the RV boom.

11. Exploring food will give the next generation an opportunity to experience foods other than fast food. This restriction to eating out may encourage families to experience a new place to eat, ‘the American kitchen’.  From basic food preparation to baking desserts and bread, our American children may finally know what ‘home-cooked’ food taste like.

12. Family unit and the skills of everyone getting along may change the strength and love of families. This enhanced family gathering can be a source of how one interacts with others and heavily influences how one will behave in future friendships and relationships. There is no place like home.

Being sheltered-in-place is a great time to review life challenges, the meaning of the family unit, and the importance of being healthy.

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