Transportation Thursday: Road Trip to Colorado


The perfect road trip for those that enjoy the outdoors, the Colorado Byways is the perfect journey.  In the late 1800s, while much of Colorado mined gold and silver, the southeast region mined coal. Linked with this region are many legends and folklore. Such as the lost gold vein with nuggets so big, one nugget could provide enough wealth to live for a year. 

There is also the story of George Simpson who saved Trinidad from an attack from the Ute Indians by distracting them with taunts. Explore these legends by traveling the Highway of Legends byway. Beginning in Trinidad, you can follow the Cucharas River, traveling through Cokedale, Cuchara, La Veta, and end in Walsenburg. The byway is usually open all year and is 82 miles long. 

From the byway, you can see views of the Spanish Peaks as you travel through the San Isabel National Forest. The Sandstone walls of Stonewall also decorate the area, giving a Spanish appearance. The dikes of the Spanish Peaks protrude from the sandstone walls. Here, the ancient legend of the Devil’s Stairs was born. Long ago, the Devil came out from hell to survey the world, choosing the Cuchara Valley as his entrance. 

There are many opportunities for recreation in the area as well. Boating and fishing are available in the many lakes and streams in the area. Mountain biking and road biking are also popular activities. Horseback riding trails also cover the area.

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