DeKalb Council Approves Ventus Tech Services


The future of high tech activities in the DeKalb area was approved by City Council at their Monday night meeting. The Ventus Tech Services project approved the purchase of a 505 acres site on the south side of DeKalb. The entire project will cost almost $800 million dollars upon completion.

The Ventus Tech Services LLC project is moved through the last phase of the entitlement process, when the Plan Commission met and approved the project on Wednesday, April 22.

“We are moving steadily toward the approval of a transformative investment in our City,” commented City Manager Bill Nicklas. “All local taxing bodies are strongly supportive, as is the DeKalb County Enterprise Zone, the IL Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, and the Governor’s Office. I believe the firm’s investment in our community is momentous, and a very welcome partnership that gives us all hope in a future which presently seems uncertain.”

The plan received endorsements from Northern Illinois University President Lisa Freeman as well as support from local real estate companies with comments from Jerry Wahlstrom and Sue Elsner.

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