Groups Helping First Responders – Fresh Fruit Baskets


The DeKalb American Legion Post 66 and the Sons of the Amerian Legion donated money to create fruit baskets for select first responders in the DeKalb County area. This project was initiated by Patrick M Boyce,  the Commander of the Sons of the American Legion, in coordination with the DeKalb American Legion Post 66.

“We know many of the local first responder groups have been getting food donations of pizza and other meals, but we wanted to add something healthy for the team members”, said Boyce. Patrick and his wife Joan found some large baskets suitable to hold lots of fruits and then contacted Schnucks Market Grocery store to supply the fresh fruit. “Our gift may make the Easter holiday a little sweeter for these first responders.”

“Our first drop-off was to the DeKalb Fire Department because they have been supportive of our local American Legion,” said Boyce. Last year the DeKalb Fire Department local union group made a donation to the DeKalb American Legion to support the ‘DeKalb Hometown Hero’ military banner program.

“We are always humbled when groups like the Legion take the time to acknowledge and support the Fire Department”, commented Jeff McMasters, DeKalb Fire Chief.

Boyce acknowledged that there will be more fruit baskets going to other first responder groups, including the DeKalb Police and some of the local medical teams. This project is funded through donations from the American Legion and Sons of the American Legion. If any individual or organization would like to support this project, please contact DeKalb County Online or Michael Embrey at 815-756-1263 or e-mail for information on making a contribution.

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