Promoting Unity for DeKalb County Small Businesses


It is important to remind everyone that DeKalb County Small businesses still need your support. DeKalb County Online has commissioned a new logo for tee-shirts and sweatshirts to help promote the need to support ‘all’ small businesses in DeKalb County. The logo showcases an outline of the State of Illinois and a RED heart for DeKalb County. The state is green for the hope to grow bigger and better in the future. A motivational by-line of “Our Little Paradise in the Country” tells people we are proud of our county and all the great things that have and will happen. Under the state is our credo ‘DeKalb County Businesses – Supporting One Another”.

For each shirt sold, a donation of $5.00 will go to Surviving COVID19-DeKalb County, IL. This organization continues to help promote and find ways to give support to local DeKalb County businesses.

Tee-shirts in light gray color will sell for $22.00 each (Small, Medium, Large, X-large).  Sweatshirts in light gray color will sell for $34.00 each (Small, Medium, Large, X-large).  There is an up-charge for bigger sizes:  2XL (+$3), 3XL (+$5) and 4XL (+$7).

Individuals may order by going online to: website. If a company or organization would like to order a larger quantity, please contact Michael Embrey at DeKalb County Online at 815-756-1263 or

The concept for this project came from a small DeKalb County businessman, Michael Embrey, CHO/EAD of Fun ME Events (DeKalb).  After developing the universal county-wide concept, Nancy Perkins, Owner of Le Print Express (Sycamore) and her design team came up with the graphic design.

We are sending out an SOS for everyone to be part of this special campaign. Most people know the signal for SOS means ‘save our ship’ in a nautical term. Our SOS is the same, except we have added SOS DeKalb Businesses … Save Our Small DeKalb Businesses. Our goal is to continue to give hope for all those small businesses that need support. If you are a small business and need some marketing ideas, please contact Michael Embrey at 815-756-1263 or If your small business needs design, printing, media, advertising, and/or promotional ideas, please contact Nancy Perkins at 815-748-7121 or

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