Corn Fest and Other Special Events Still Scheduled


While the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago are canceling special events, festivals, and concerts, DeKalb County is trying to keep open the options for some events to happen in late summer and fall.

Corn Fest is scheduled for Aug 28-30th, which is at the end of the summer season,” said Lisa Angel, Chair of Corn Fest.  “At this time, we are still planning to host the festival but we have contingencies in place that if we need to cancel, we will.  Our community safety always comes first.” There may be some new changes to the current format to adhere to federal and state mandates. Corn Fest is the largest summer attraction in DeKalb County, bringing lots of tourism revenue for the area.

With current budgetary concerns from various communities, there will be some challenges for the ROI on city spending for select special events. The DeKalb City Manager’s office will be working with the special events committee to review the funding of city services (police, fire, maintenance, etc) to keep the event happening if possible and to address current budget shortfalls.  The DeKalb Mayor’s office continues to support special events as a positive image for the City of DeKalb.

The Music at the Mansion concert series held at the Ellwood House Museum is still scheduled from June 17 to August 5. “Our goal is to keep as much as of the series as possible but will adhere to medical and health guidelines set forth by the state,” commented Amy Doll, Executive Director of the DeKalb Park District. “Our committee will make announcements when the time is right and we can meet and or exceed any requirements needed for hosting special events.”

The ‘Turning Back Time Car Show’ in Sycamore is still scheduled at this time. “Our car enthusiasts want to show their cars and we hope to have the show, but the committee will not make a decision until sometime in May,” said Mike Tritle, Board Member.

Geri Benning, Executive Director of the Sandwich Chamber said that most of their summer events are still scheduled, but plans could change. “Our Sandwich Fair is still planning on opening if the State allows events,” said Geri Benning. A recent rumor was posted that the Sandwich Fair was canceled came from another event in New Hampshire that has a similar event with the same name.

Other county events have posted notices that their events will be canceled for the summer.  These included Genoa Days and Kirland 4th of July Festival. Many local Memorial Day events have already been canceled.

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