DeKalb Park District Creates Adopt-a-Park Program for 2020


The DeKalb Park District is excited to announce a new program that will help with activities in and around the Park District but also provide some much-needed help. The DeKalb Park District is working on getting creative in continuing to make DeKalb parks look beautiful, especially as state mandates have seen the increasing need for open space, parks, and trails at this time, all with the Park District financial resources being challenged.

The DeKalb Park District is looking for some groups, clubs, families, or businesses that would like to “adopt-a-park” for the spring and summer of 2020. They have several flower beds in the parks, we have annuals that will need to be planted in the coming weeks and they would love to have people adopt those parks/flower beds for the season. The responsibilities would be to plant the annual flowers (provided by the District) and then to periodically (weekly) visit the park and weed the flower beds. Most of the sites can be easily planted and maintained by just a couple of people for an hour or two a week (ideal for a group that would want to rotate the responsibility!)  It is a project that would also allow for safe physical distancing as well.

Besides the knowledge that you or your group are helping to make your community beautiful and serving your neighbors, the District will also recognize our park adopters on our website and social media pages too!

If you are interested in being a partner with the DeKalb Park District this summer, or if you’d like more information, please contact the DeKalb Park District Executive Director, Amy Doll.

Amy Doll, Executive Director – DeKalb Park District
Phone 779-777-7265

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