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Citizen Reports is a handy tool to report news happening here in DeKalb County, share your perspective or make a business announcement. Use it in conjunction with our Submit Your Event feature to keep DeKalb County readers in the know.

How it works…

Fill out the form linked above, include a photo, and click the submit button. Once approved your article will be shared here on DeKalb County Online, Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s the skinny on the categories and rules for inclusion. Category selections are:

Bulletin – News happening here in DeKalb County Illinois or affecting this county

Rants and Raves – Share your perspective on local issues. Rant about things that need to be fixed. Rave about the people who fix them. We won’t publish racist, hateful, or violence promoting perspectives.

Local Business Feeds – A section reserved for our Local Network Advertisers to share business announcements. If you have opened a business in DeKalb County within the last 30 days we will publish your announcement once, free — also be sure to add your business to the oldest Local Website Directory in DeKalb County. If you’re not a Local Network Advertiser contact Gracie Mott and get with the most effective program available.

NEW – 2018 Primary Elections – Candidates and campaign managers: Submit your campaign press releases here and reach thousands of hyperlocal registered voters. There is no charge for press releases. They are printed verbatim so make use of your spellchecker. Candidates are encouraged to participate in the comments that often follow your press releases. The more interaction with potential voters the better.

We do have a paid display advertising program for local candidates. We place a 350px by 300px banner (usually of photo of your yard sign) throughout DeKalb County Online. If you plan a Facebook Live video, let us know, and we’ll broadcast it on DeKalb County Online’s Facebook page and share it with an additional 12,000 hyperlocal voters. We really want DeKalb County folks to participate in the election and have an informed vote. Because of this, our price is $75 for whenever you start, all the way to the Primary Election in April.