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February 25th

Alfred Hitchcock once hosted a dinner party where all the food was blue, down to the insides of the peaches served.

Previous Facts of the Day


In the 1880s, "The Merchant of Venice" was translated into Japanese as "The Trial for the Pawning of Human Flesh," "Julius Caesar" as "The Mirror of the Rise and Fall of Rome," and "Romeo and Juliet" as "Writings on Western Girls: A Peculiar Marriage Between Rivals."


The football team Tampa Bay Buccaneers got its name from a local radio contest in 1976. Other suggestions from the public included Garbonzos, Levy’s Leggins, and Trippling Trampling Trompers.


The Incas based their measurement of time on how long it took to boil a potato.


Because the Moon is moving further away from us, the Earth will cease to experience total solar eclipses in 563 million years time.


All penicillin made in the world descends from a melon bought in Peoria, Illinois in WWII. After scraping the mold off it, the scientists sat down and ate the rest.


In promo pictures, Apple products are almost always set at 9:41am. Apple aims to do their product "reveal" around 40 minutes into their presentations, and want the time on the picture to mirror the audience’s watches as closely as possible.


A woman named Violet Jessop survived the sinking of the Titanic, the Britannic, and was aboard the third sister ship the Olympic when it collided with another boat and nearly sank in 1911.


The Moon moves nearly 4cm further away from Earth each year, about the same speed our fingernails grow.