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Packed Agenda for DeKalb City Council Special Mtg Tuesday

There is a lot on the agenda for Tuesday's special meeting of the DeKalb City Council, including approval of the new City Manager, adoption...

Amato Announces County TIF Meeting Monday

To all, Over the past few weeks you have all been copied on the correspondence between my office and the City of DeKalb.1 The reason that...
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City of DeKalb TIF Statement

This document includes five pages. Mouse over embedded image below and click on arrows at bottom to view pages 2-5.
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DeKalb TIF Update

The City of DeKalb JRB (Joint Review Board) meeting scheduled today (Friday, September 7) at 1:00 p.m. was delayed waiting the arrival of the...

Concerns About DeKalb TIF Program

To the DeKalb Community, As we all go about our daily routines, no doubt we, and in some way, we touch upon the variety of...

Spending TIF Money on the Egyptian Theatre

Last month I was going through recent City of DeKalb check registers for something or other and came across a payment out of DeKalb's...

Elections ’11: The TIF Train

This is the first of a long series of blogs about the 2011 Consolidated Elections featuring local issues for local candidates. The purpose is...